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MYtelecoms’s Voice over IP service connects to your company’s existing PBX, Switchboard and Handsets, to deliver phone calls at a fraction of traditional landline rates.

We are solution architects that provide new solutions and the servicing and upgrading of existing solutions to better improve businesses daily operations. We constantly monitor the market and negotiate the best supplier rates therefore maintaining the best solutions at more affordable rates in the South African telecoms market

Our professional business service allows you to focus and remain on top!

MYtelecoms will supply solutions based on customer needs and budgets available.

MYtelecoms is South Africa’s leading provider of business communication systems. Our commitment to understanding your business needs allows us to provide a tailored solution to maximize your return on investment. Our cutting edge technology and dedication to exceptional customer service make us the best choice for you. Let us show you how we can improve productivity in your office, reduce operating costs, and make your business more efficient.
Mytelecoms is a South African based telecoms company that has intensive knowledge of the ever growing telecoms market and is a level 1 BBB-EE Contributor .